• Rodrigo Castilho

    Rodrigo Castilho

    Senior Front End Engineer / Senior React Native Developer at @xpinvestimentos and Ex-@Yahoo in a serious relationship with programming languages.

  • Seth


    Developer, Designer and Innovator @Fidelity... My comments and opinions are my own...

  • Paul Hoskins

    Paul Hoskins

    Co-Founder at Everyhow — a co-design company. Experienced in questions of business design, digital innovation, brand strategy and scaling startups.

  • Jon Chaplin

    Jon Chaplin

  • Butch Hallenbeck

    Butch Hallenbeck

  • Tracy Allison Altman

    Tracy Allison Altman

    Making it possible for everyone to see, touch, and work with artificial intelligence @MuseumofAI | https://museumof.ai

  • cactus wang

    cactus wang


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